Students Exchange Program Information Sheet 2021/2022

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Address: International Students Office, Shandong University of Finance and Economics

40 Shungeng Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province, P. R. China 250014

Contact: Qu Juan (Head of Admission Affairs Section)

Tel: 0086-531-81953889 0086-531-82617902


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The Academic Year 2020-2021

* Fall Semester/ September 1, 2021 – Application deadline: May 20, 2021

First Semester January 10, 2022

* Spring Semester/ February 21, 2022 – Application deadline: November 10, 2021

Second Semester July 10, 2022

Expected arrival date:

1-3 days before the semester beginning.



  1. RMB750 each month for each bed if two share a room

    (Rooms all with private bathroom, AC, internet access)

    b) Public kitchen and laundry

    Please make the dormitory reservation to International Students Office before you arrive.


    Comprehensive Medical Insurance for Foreigners Staying in China

Insurance Premium: RMB 800/year RMB 400/half a year

Include: Portal and emergency medical treatment, accidental injury medical treatment, inpatient medical treatment, death and accidental disability.


First week of the term mentioned in the above dates – getting a Dining card and Campus tour, and knowing your surroundings such as Bank of China, Post Office, Super Market, etc.


Learning Expectations:

a) Courses: Exchange students will be expected to choose some Mandarin and Chinese Culture courses. Courses offered in English mainly focus on Management and Economics area. The courses list will be sent to student’s email after the application deadline.

b) Grading:







Very   good










59   and less


International Admission

  1. Information we need

  1. A filled SDUFE international student application form

  2. Copy of passport

  3. Personal bareheaded 2-inch white background photo (JPG format)

  4. Highest diploma and degree certificate

  5. Academic transcripts

  6. Resume

    Send all of the information above to International Students Office of SDUFE by E-mail before application deadline.

  1. Documents Preparing

    SDUFE will prepare your Visa documents:

  1. University admission notice

  2. JW202 form (Visa Application for Study in China) from the local government

  1. Visa Application

    Please apply for your visa to the China Embassy or Consulate in your country after you get the original documents of the admission notice and form JW202. We will send the documents to International Students Office of your University by post.


    Application submission

    All the international students must apply online at Make sure you regularly check your email and spam box in case we ask for further information, complementary documents or corrections. If we request information and we do not receive it, it could lead to rejection.

    How to Get to SDUFE

  2. We supply picking up service to international exchange students from Jinan Airport or Jinan Railway Station.

  3. Let us know your exact arrival time in advance.

  4. The address of International Students’ Residence Building of SDUFE:

    International Students Residence Building(国际学生公寓)

    Shandong University of Finance and Economics(山东财经大学)

    40 Shungeng Road, Jinan City, 250014(济南市舜耕路40号,邮编250014

    P. R. China (中国)


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