The courses taught in English during Autumn semester of 2020-2021
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International Trade Operations

    This course introduces procedures and business skills for international sales of goods to help students understand the operation of import and export business. Main topics include INCOTERMS 2000, terms and conditions of international sales contract, contract negotiation and implementation, and various trading arrangements.

International Marketing

  The course aims to introduce and discuss the essential principles of global marketing management in order that the students develop thorough understanding of international similarities and differences in marketing structures, functions and processes in the global market. In addition to analyzing theoretical frameworks, this course features case study of global and Chinese brands especially in China's domestic market, thus demonstrating the strategic and executive processes in the global marketing effectiveness.  

International Business Negotiation

This course introduces principles, methods and skills of business negotiations in an international context. Students will learn how to realize business goals through negotiation. Main topics include negotiation theories, negotiation preparation and organization, procedural issues, negotiator quality, and influencing factors analysis.

China’s Foreign Trade and Financial System

This course aims at acquainting students with the evolution of China ’s foreign trade regime and the current policies, laws and regulations governing foreign economy and trade. Main topics include reform of China ’s foreign trade regime, foreign economy and trade legislation, macro-control and administrative measures, China ’s foreign trade in technologies and services, and the management of foreign investments.

Chinese Culture

This course is an introduction of Chinese culture covering Chinese classic calligraphy & painting, Chinese tea culture, Chinese culinary culture and so on.

Basic Chinese Language

6 hours per week


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