Campus Life
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The SDUFE is equipped with modern instructional classrooms and laboratory facilities. The library has a wide variety of collection, as well as advanced electronic reading rooms and data retrieval systems. The University is equipped with a modern broadcasting center, a cable TV “virtual classroom” educational system and a campus network broadband which directly links with the China Education and Research Network.

The campus is beautiful, safe, and convenient. It is equipped with great student service facilities including dormitories, auditoriums, stadiums, athletic facilities, and a modern indoor swimming pool. There are 3 student cafeterias and several restaurants on campus. The University has a fully equipped hospital which serves both the faculty and the students.

A number of student associations including the Painting and Calligraphy Club, Drama Club, English Club, Dancing Group, Chinese Traditional Operas Club and a wide variety of arts and cultural activities can be found at SDUFE. The University is closely involved in various music, arts and literary festivals, such as the Welcome Evening Party, Singers contest, College Student Association Culture Festival, etc.

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